Be Unwilling to Settle for Less

The World Craves Your Authenticity.

“Darling, you’re different”, and I want you to know. . .

“Not only does the world have space for the biggest, brightest version of yourself. . .

it’s hungry for your unique expression.”

Hey, i'm Caitlin.

Life coach for Multi-Passionate Creatives and Wedding Coach for couples who want to tie the knot, their way 

(I’m also a yoga teacher, beekeeper, scoliosis-warrior, artist, garden designer, among other things…)

Here to help you create the authentic, fulfilling and passion-driven life you can’t. not. live.

Multi-passionate entrepreneur, life coach, wedding coach, yoga teacher,

(scoliosis-warrior, artist, garden designer, beekeeper, among other things…)

Here to help you create the authentic, fulfilling and passion-driven life you

can’t. not. live.

None of us are meant to go it alone. 

Here’s how we can work together . . .

Multi-Passionate Life Coaching Client Testimonial:

“Caitlin helped me bust through walls I built for myself, challenge preconceived notions of what I thought life “should” look like, and pushed me to ACT on those turtle steps towards my DREAM.  No excuses, because what’s the BEST that could happen?” 

Samantha Welter, MS, ATC
Owner, Empower Performance Therapy
Owner, Train Empowered: endurance athlete lifestyle blog

Wedding Coaching Client Testimonial

“To sum it all up, we used Caitlin’s wedding coaching services because we were very clear about what we DIDN’T want for our wedding ceremony, but were still feeling very unclear about what we DID want. Neither of us wanted a traditional wedding, but we also didn’t know exactly what a non-traditional wedding would look like or include once we removed all of the aspects that didn’t fit us. Caitlin knows a lot about modern-day weddings and helped us brainstorm ideas for piecing together a ceremony that represented the type of people that we are.” 

– Callie & Alex

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Hey fellow multi-passionate creative,


Your ideas belong in this world!


It's time to break through indecision, overwhelm, imposter syndrome and Finally(!) Start Your Passion Projects.


My gift to you: A 90-minute workshop & companion workbook (created by a multi-passionate FOR multi-passionate creatives) to help you get started right away!


- Caitlin


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