You just might be multi-passionate if…


  • You’re incredibly curious by nature.


  • You’ve always felt frustrated by the belief that you have to pick *one* thing to do with your life and agonize over making the right choice.


  • You have so many passions and worry others will think you’re weird or flaky.


  • You worry that if you keep exploring new passions you’ll never be an expert at anything (though if you’re honest, you know focusing on one thing wouldn’t be fulfilling to you).


  • You wonder why you sometimes become less interested in something you used to be obsessed with, once you get pretty good at it.


  • You thrive in environments that allow you to express many of your interests and talents at once.


  • You often have so many ideas you aren’t sure where to focus your energy or how to get started.


  • You love variety in your day and consider yourself a life-long learner.


  • You hate the feeling of your talents and skills being underutilized and not recognized.


  • You are a creative thinker, and like to combine or find connections between things that seem unrelated.


Sound at all familiar? 


I see you. 


I want you to not only know, but internalize, the fact that your unique way of thinking is a gift, not something you need to fix and when embraced, a whole new universe of possibilities will open up for you. 


I’m here to help you climb out of the box society has been trying to stuff you in and instead, create a life that supports all aspects of your multifaceted nature.


Now, more than ever, the world needs what you have to offer. We need your ideas, solutions and inspiring creations. We need your voice, your passion and your enthusiasm.


I know the journey feels daunting but I will help you turn overwhelm into action, and bring your ideas and dream projects to fruition.


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Hello, I’m Caitlin!

I help people like you, create the life they Can’t. Not. Live.

There have been many twists and turns, both literal and figurative, that have brought me to where I am today. Both by choice and happenstance, my life never quite fit any one path. I realized long ago that the only life that would bring me fulfillment was one I created for myself, one that was fluid, eclectic, creative, meaningful and passion driven. While I spent a lot of my life believing I was relatively alone in this desire, I’ve come to realize that’s not even the slightest bit true. There are many people like me, who also feel suffocated by monotonous lives and careers. People with a multitude of ever-evolving interests, a strong desire to be lifelong learners and who thrive when able to think in many different ways. People who want the freedom to create their own ideal life, yet struggle with the expectations and pressures to be a certain type of adult, to build a certain type of life. The problem is that the type of life you feel pushed into creating is not the life that will fill you up—in fact, it will do quite the opposite. I’m here to help people like you to create the life they are simply meant to live and not allow you to become resigned to a lackluster life. This is not only essential to your personal well-being, but there’s even more to it. I believe that if you are free to be and express all of who you are, to embrace your unique way of seeing the world, to combine your varied knowledge and skills in new and creative ways (that only someone with your exact experience can), what you will be able to add to the world will not only be impactful, but essential.

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Follow along with my co-host Emma Veritas, a writer and writing coaching, and I, as we explore how to live with a full heart and free voice through the study of inspiring books. We share our own personal insights and share practical tools for applying the books teachings to your own life. We are currently reading “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. (You don’t need to be reading the book to follow along!)

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