When I look at something less than desirable, my old beat up mailbox for example, I find myself excited by the possibility of what is COULD be, rather than what it is. I’ve come to appreciate the tension of dissatisfaction because it invokes creativity, wonder, imagination, and dreaming. It’s such a thrill to look at something and choose to see its’ potential beneath the grime and chipped paint and when you do something to bring this potential to life it’s such a great feeling to watch it transform. Life can be like this too.

Luckily for me I’ve had a whole outdated house worth of potential to dream about and in an odd way watching transformation take place around me has help me to integrate this perspective internally, to recognize the ways this magic can take place within my relationships, my yoga practice, my business…When you choose to look for beauty and potential you’ll discover it’s actually not so hard to find.

The thing I love about potential is that you can’t nail it down or put it in a box. As much as you think you know what something, or someone will become, you will always be surprised in someway, and You are certainly no exception.

When we are kids we are taught to dream big, to use our imaginations and told to never limit ourselves…until one day this seems to come to an abrupt stop. At some point dreaming big is no longer cute, but impractical and we resign to less than satisfying lives.

Truthfully, you don’t want to get me started on that subject…

I am a perpetual dreamer, AND I believe it’s possible to dream while still having your feet firmly rooted on the ground. I’m so passionate about helping others believe in their potential, and the real possibility of their dreams and goals. I love helping someone shift their perspective, to see something in their lives disguised by challenge or even loss as a new beginning, or an opportunity for growth and change. And ultimately to help them get comfortable with not knowing exactly how it will all play out.

The most difficult times in my life are also the ones that I look back on with tremendous gratitude. I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned about myself and how it helped shape me into who I am today; from heart break, to unhealthy friendships, to back braces and spinal fusions, to the disappointment of opportunities and hopes not working out, and soul-dampening jobs. I wholeheartedly feel that my life is richer from having these experiences. Each instance like these offered the gift of clarity to know with certainty what and who I do or do not want in my life. My back surgery for example, has taught me huge lessons on limits and that the ones set for me by doctors are no match for skilled yoga teachers, consistent practice, patience and determination. I’ve learned that sometimes the limits set by others and ourselves are dead wrong, and often the real barrier is not even the thing we’ve been fixated on. A lot of times it’s our perspective and attitude that is getting in the way, and this is especially true when it comes to the vision we have for ourselves.

There have been many times in my life that I had a goal or idea, that was met with skepticism, questioning or flat out discouragement. For whatever reason, and sometimes, seemingly against logic, I would believe it was possible nonetheless. Of coarse there were times when I would lose focus and hope but there were always the most amazing people who would believe in my goal for me, until I regained my footing. As a result, the things I was determined to bring into my life are the things I have. A home that after lots of hard work and creativity is warm and inviting, one that has space for my most favorite people. A lush garden, beehives, a healthy loving relationship, the most incredible and supportive friends I could ask for, opportunities to travel, and a life coaching business where I also get to talk about bee metaphors (!). I’ve dreamed of less pain and a healthy body, I’ve worked hard to heal my stomach ulcers and find flexibility and opening again and will continue to make my health a priority. I’m not done dreaming yet!

In each of these situations I embraced the tension of the discomfort, dissatisfaction and want for something better for myself. Even when it didn’t make sense to someone else, I knew in my heart it made sense for me. I want this for you too, to know at the deepest corner of your being that the life you desire is also the one you deserve. It’s not silly or childish to dream, and when someone doubts or questions why you want what you want, find the people in your life that support you no matter how crazy it all may seem. If you feel this type of support system is a bit thin and need someone in your corner, I’ve got you! Just reach out.

I’ll help you turn your dissatisfaction into creativity, into wonder, and help you see the potential and possibility under the chipped paint and disappointment. Creatively we will figure out how to move you closer to your vision, working through whatever it is that stands in your way, starting with your mindset. I’ll hold your dreams as if they are my own until you let me know “I’ve got it from here”, and  in the meantime whatever you do, don’t talk yourself out of dissatisfaction if it is genuine. True, healthy dissatisfaction is our friend, it is like an arrow pointing at potential and possibility, and it doesn’t let us forget that we desire and deserve more. If you want more, you can have more, you just have to start by seeing the potential, and none of it you have to do alone!

To help you get started, I’ve created a free tool the “How Full is Your Honeycomb” worksheet which will assist you in gaining meaningful insight into your overall sense of fullness, and also identify which major areas of your life are the source of your dissatisfaction. Once you have a clear understanding which areas of your life energize or stifle who you are, you can identify where it’s most important to start making manageable shifts towards the life you ultimately want to live.  

Download the worksheet for free on my website caitlinbosshart.com  just scroll down the home page until you see the hexagon that look like this:

Questions? Let’s connect! shoot me and email at lifecoaching@caitlinbosshart.com!



“I believe that no one should settle for less than a life that lights them up, ignites their passions and allows them to be, their most vibrant authentic selves.” 

Caitlin Bosshart is a Life Coach for the multi-passionate heart whose endless curiosity, eclectic interests, creative endeavors, and vision for their lives never quite fit into any one box. She works with multi-passionate people who know they need to make a change but are OVERWHELMED and agonizing over how to make the right decisions for their lives. As hard as they try, it is completely counter to their nature to follow a conventional path but the pressure to pick and stick with ONE thing weighs heavily…though not as heavily as your desire to live a more authentic life. 

She is also a wedding coach for couples planning non-traditional weddings!

To learn more about how we can work together, visit: CaitlinBosshart.com

To schedule a free discovery session for multi-passionate coaching or wedding coaching, email me at LifeCoaching@caitlinbosshart.com ! 


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