Discover how to transform your discontent into the fuel you need to create a life by design! (Not by default.)

Hey there beautiful soul, I have an important question for you… 

What if you stopped wasting your precious time and energy trying to cope with the things that aren’t working for you and instead, started really listening to your discontent, for a change?!

    Not typically the advice you hear, is it? 

    Let me explain!

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      If you’re like most people I’ve worked with, you’ve…

      • Tried, without success, to convince yourself you should  happier with the status quo.

      • Felt guilty + ashamed for wanting something more or different for yourself; for not being more “grateful”.

      The thing is, ignoring your discontent doesn’t make it go away. (Speaking from experience.) What I want to show you is that you actually don’t want it to go away…

      If you’re being completely honest with yourself, no matter how hard you’ve tried to feel differently, something about the life you’re living just isn’t quite right, for you.

      At the same time, you’ve looked at others who seem to “have it all figured” out with envy. Wishing you could find the “right” path but here’s where you get stuck…You aren’t entirely sure what you want.

      There doesn’t seem to be just one path out there that’s entirely right for you.

      Maybe you can even see many possible paths, but WHICH ONE??

      A question that feels overwhelming and traps you in indecisive default mode, doing your best to ignore your discontent with short-lived bandaids and hoping that if you try hard enough you’ll eventually be able stop being so…”All over the place.”

       (If this sounds familiar…Multi-passionate, kindred spirit, I see you. How you’re feeling is oh, so common.)

      What I need you to know is that the problem isn’t YOU. Neither are your desires for a different kind of life.

      I know all too well how exhausting it is to fight against yourself in this way, tamping down your desires, and trying to squeeze yourself into a box which leads to → Non-productive coping which leads to → living in numbed-out, default mode.  

      (Que: Taping the 100th positive affirmation to your work computer, spending your “free time” over indulging and too-exhausted-to-do-anything-else-Netflixing…Rather than doing the things you spent all day dreaming about.) Ugh.

      It’s time to stop coping with what’s not working and start listening to the wisdom your discontent has been trying to tell you so that you can begin to create the kind of life you actually want for yourself. 

      And that is exactly what I’ll teach you in this free virtual class… 

        “Caitlin, Thank you so much for offering up your knowledge and skills! I can’t tell you how valuable (and rare) actual concrete steps forward are (for anything in life!)”

        Jessy, Workshop Participant

        “That was wonderful, I took 4 full pages of notes ha ha! Thank you so much for all you shared with us. “
        Hyde, Workshop Participant

         In the first days’ live class, you’ll learn:

        • To identify the ways discontent is showing up in your life
        • Why listening to the wisdom of your discontent is vitally important
        • To identify where you’ve been living in default mode so that you can intentionally create a life of your own design

        Join for day two for a bonus life coaching call:

        • Hop on the live call for the opportunity to get coached and ask your questions about the workshop in real time!

        When you sign up for this class you will also:

        • Receive a workbook to help you apply everything we cover in the class

         Can’t wait to see you inside!

        Hey, I’m Caitlin Bosshart.

        Life Coach for multi-passionate creatives, people whose curiosity, eclectic interests, and creative endeavors, and visions for their lives have never quite fit into any one box. 

        I’m dedicated to helping people like you, see that Who You Are is not something you need to fix and support you as you create the life you simply, Can’t. Not. Live. 

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