Hey there fellow Multi-Passionate Creative,


I know that like me, you believe in your BONES that life is supposed to be more than a perpetual grind and that at your core, you are unwilling to settle for less than what you want.

 I also know the heartache of living a too small life and what it’s like to spend more time dreaming about your passion project(s) than actually doing that.

I’m on a mission to help you change that.



It’s time to Finally(!) Start Your Passion Project(s), because your ideas belong in the world.

My gift to you: 90 minute workshop video & step by step workbook to get you started right away.

In the Finally(!) Start Your Passion Project(s) Workshop video + Workbook we will dig into:

  • 6 practical steps to finally(!) starting your passion project(s)
  • Additional tips, tricks and insights shared only in the workshop recording 

I also cover how to:

  •  Go from dreaming to taking ACTION toward your goals
  • No longer feel guilty about your passion projects + why they’re so important
  • Flip the script on common harmful misconceptions so that you stop fighting your multi-passionate nature + make it work for you.
Finally Start Your Passion Projects workshop and workbook
“Caitlin, Thank you so much for offering up your knowledge and skills! I definitely got some inspiration gathered up for my passion projects, but mostly I can’t tell you how valuable (and rare) actual concrete steps forward are (for anything in life!)”
Workshop Participant

“That was wonderful, I took 4 full pages of notes ha ha! Thank you so much for all you shared with us. “
Workshop Participant

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