Create the life you Can't. Not. Live.

Life Coaching for the Multi-Passionate at Heart 

Create the Life You Can't. Not. Live.

Life Coaching for the Multi-Passionate at Heart 

I’m dedicated to supporting the  multi-passionate hearted, like me, 

whose endless curiosity, eclectic interests, creative endeavors, and vision for their lives 

never quite fit into any one box.

People just like you, who know they need to make a change

but are OVERWHELMED and agonizing over how to make  the right decisions for their lives. 

As hard as you try, it is completely counter to your nature to follow a conventional path

but the  pressure to pick and stick with ONE thing weighs heavily… 

though not as heavily as your desire to live a more authentic life.

   I know . . .


 How it feels to be inauthentic, trying to fit into a box you don’t belong in because you believe it’s who you are supposed to be… 


The agonizing tug between your heart’s desires and pressure to follow a more conventional path…


 The overwhelm and confusion of trying to make “the right” decision…


  The loneliness of trying to explain to others why “the logical” path is eating away at your soul


What it is like to be stuck, suffocating, unfulfilled and desperate to make a change, to lead a different kind of life, but not knowing how…


The fear  you will never learn, do, explore, and achieve all you want to. 


. . . I know because I’ve felt like this too (and sometimes still do).


I can help you sift through the confusion of social expectations, many possible

paths, and inevitable self-doubt, so you can embrace who. you. are. and make

decisions that are fulfilling to your unique multi-passionate nature.

Curious if working with me is a good fit? 

How Full is Your Honeycomb? 

As a multi-passionate person, in order for you to create a life that is authentic to who you are, it’s important to acknowledge your multi-dimensionality and look at your overall sense of fullness in each area of your life. I’ve created a tool to help you begin that process . . .

Hey fellow multi-passionate creative,


Your ideas belong in this world!


It's time to break through indecision, overwhelm, imposter syndrome and Finally(!) Start Your Passion Projects.


My gift to you: A 90-minute workshop & companion workbook (created by a multi-passionate FOR multi-passionate creatives) to help you get started right away!


- Caitlin


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