About Me

Hi! I’m Caitlin

Life Coach & fellow multi-passionate soul

There have been many twists and turns, both literal and figurative, that have brought me to where I am today…

Both by choice and by fate – born with a knot in my umbilical cord and severe scoliosis – my life has never quite followed any straight forward path…I even ride my snowboard the “goofy” way. I realized long ago that the only life that would bring me fulfillment was one I created for myself, one that was fluid, eclectic, creative, meaningful and passion driven. 

While I spent a lot of my life believing I was relatively alone in this desire, I’ve come to realize that’s not even the slightest bit true.

There are many people LIKE ME who:

  • Also feel suffocated by monotonous lives and careers
  • Have a multitude of ever-evolving interests, 
  • Possess a strong desire to be a lifelong learner
  • Thrive when able to think in many different ways
  • Ultimately want the freedom to create our own ideal life, yet struggle with the expectations and pressures to be a certain type of adult
Caitlin Bosshart, life Coach standing in front of mural in the RiNo Art District in Denver, Colorado

Once I realized that living a life I felt pushed into would never fulfill me, I made a promise to myself to boldly change it all and to ensure that I never ended up in that situation again.  Now I’m committed to helping others do the same.  

This commitment of mine goes deep. In my opinion, staying true to your calling and living as your best self is not only critical to your personal wellbeing, but also has a necessary ripple effect on our collective energy. 

I believe that if you are free to be and express all of who you are, to embrace your unique way of seeing reality, to use your experience to create in new ways (like ONLY YOU can!), what you will add to our world will not only be impactful, but essential. Over the past 11 years I’ve helped coach many people in creating the life they are meant to live instead of resigning to the lackluster alternative.  If you’ve read this far…I’d love to work with you too! 

In true multi-passionate form I’m also a wedding coach, helping couples tie the knot their way, I have a podcast called Full Heart Free Voice, I’m a yoga teacher, artist, gardener, beekeeper, snowboarder…among other things. 

I’m also a Colorado girl, wife to Justin, a fur baby mama to Ollie, Vida, and Rio, lover of good conversation, spicy cocktails, live music, and any excuse to wear a costume.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Let’s connect!

Happy Clients

Caitlin has a gentle, patient and powerfully effective way with words, aura and energy. 

Working with Caitlin has yielded more positive outcomes for me at an accelerated pace than any personal transformation work I’ve ever done.

– Martyna Maciejewska

Caitlin is open, caring & invested.

When I started working with Caitlin, I wanted more. I didn’t know what that meant but I wanted to figure out what I should be doing. Through our work together I began to feel empowered, happy and fulfilled.

– Grace McClain

As a coach, Caitlin is perceptive, compassionate, and genuine.

When I started working with Caitlin I was looking for an almost-post-pandemic life is to change my thought patterns, change my relationship with “time” and get some tools I can use when I have really rough days or weeks mentally, when I fall into a negative feedback loop hole.

Once I started my sessions with Caitlin, everything changed. The way I think about my life, what upsets me (and to what extent!) and how I configure my day to give me energy to take on ANYTHING.

– Julia 


It’s time to create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

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