Hey, I’m Caitlin Bosshart

Life Coach for Multi-Passionate Creatives unwilling to settle for less


Wedding Coach for couples who want to tie the knot their way.



(In true multi-passionate form I’m also the co-host of the Full Heart Free Voice Podcast, a yoga teacher, artist, beekeeper, self-proclaimed off-beat bride, gardener, life long learner…among many other things!)

The world craves your authenticity

I’m so glad you’re here. 

For the multi-passionate creatives, quiet rebels and dreamers, unwilling to settle for less than what you want, I’m here to help you bring your ideas into the world and curate the life you simply, can’t. not. live.

Here’s how. . .

Want to dip your toe in with two awesome  resources?!

Here’s the thing…Your ideas belong in the world!

My gift to you: A 90 minute workshop & companion workbook (created by a multi-passionate FOR multi-passionate creatives) to help you get started right away!

It’s time to break through in-decision, overwhelm, imposter syndrome and Finally(!) Start Your Passion Project(s).

Pro tip: Short on time? Skip the workshop, for now, and dive right into the workbook.

Do you every feel like you’re banging your head against the wall when it comes to your creative projects?

It’s time to unlock your creative process…

You know that one-size-fits-all productivity advice that leaves you feeling like something is wrong with you? 

It’s no wonder you feel stuck, frustrated, and exhausted trying to bring your passion projects into the world.

I’m going to help you toss that BS advice right out the window, because the only right way is your way and I’ll help you discover exactly what your way is. 

The Activation Session is a highly personalized + value-packed 90-min session designed to quickly unlock YOUR creative process. 

Understanding that YOU are the Key changes everything.

For the Multi-Passionate Creative ready to smash the box, own who they are, claim their path and make moves…

 Whether you know exactly what you want to create for yourself or you’re clear that what you’ve been doing no longer works for you, you’re in the right place.

During my highly-personalized 1:1 coaching program for multi-passionate creatives, I’ll be in your corner every step of the way, as you move past what’s been holding you back from owning who you are and your path as multi-passionate soul. I’ll support you as you take action toward bringing your ideas into the world and begin to create the life you Can’t. Not. Live. (After all, as a wise farmer once told me, life is a process not an event.)

For the creative looking for in-depth support, I offer a free, no-pressure Discovery Session to learn more about you, the vision you have for yourself, where you’re seeking support to see if the 1:1 program is a good fit! 

What client say about working with me…

Working with Caitlin is fun, motivating and she challenged me to think outside societal normals & open up my perspective.

When I started working with Caitlin, I was wondering, what do I want to be when I grow up!? I felt STUCK. Not knowing how to move forward, or if I was moving forward in the “right” direction.

Working with Caitlin I found myself moving forward and I felt strong, confident, and empowered. I saw myself making forward momentum creating a life design that I wanted!

– Sam Swelter

Caitlin is open, caring & invested.

When I started working with Caitlin, I wanted more. I didn’t know what that meant but I wanted to figure out what I should be doing. Through our work together I began to feel empowered, happy and fulfilled.

– Grace McClain


As a coach, Caitlin is authentic, compassionate & creative.

Before I worked with her I felt… Fear fear fear!  Fear that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, that I didn’t know enough, that I would fail, that everyone would hate me… So much fear. 

Once we started coaching together I noticed that I was able to keep moving through the fear.  Amazing!  Then when continuing to work together the fear started to lessen.  I had more and more evidence (and I noticed it!) that the fear was misplaced.  AMAZING!  And THEN I started to see all the stories and scripts that were underlying and driving the fear and started to learn to dissolve them… FREEDOM!!!!

– Mikah Jaschke

Wedding & Elopement Coaching

For the off-beat couple who wants to tie the knot their way, I’m here to help you create your vision of an authentic, and deeply personal celebration. After all, no one can tell your love story quite like the two of you. 

We cannot recommend working with Cait enough- it truly was the most important and valuable investments we made.

“We worked with Cait to craft our wedding day to fit us to a “T”.

We wanted to go away from traditional ceremonies, as that is not us, and with the pandemic it impact our journey, too. We decided to work with Cait since it started to feel like the closer we got to the wedding the more the ceremony part of it was feeling like an afterthought.

We feared we would regret not making more of that but we also felt so stumped- both of us had only ever seen a traditional ceremony. Working with Cait gave us so many ideas, support and lots of empowerment. We did 3 sessions but we feel like 4-5 would have been great, if we had more time to add that in before the wedding!

Our wedding day was lovely, authentic and comfortable to experience! We cannot recommend working with Cait enough- it truly was the most important and valuable investments we made.”

Danielle + Bob

Caitlin really listens, makes you tap into what is really important and most of all has very creative/refreshing ideas that neither myself or my partner would have ever thought of.


“Working with Caitlin was everything I didn’t know we needed as a couple trying to navigate the ‘pandemic wedding’. We were so stressed in 2020 trying to make our big wedding happen and all the what if’s were driving us mad. Caitlin brought a sense of calm and understanding to our conversations. I realized we didn’t need to force something to happen that ultimately wasn’t going to be what we wanted it to be. She pushed us to think about what was most important and what we really wanted which was to still get married regardless if there were 2 people or 200 people there. And we did just that. My partner and I married ourselves in the mountains with our two very best friends by our sides. It was one of the most magical days we’ve experienced. Caitlin helped guide us through what we pictured this day to be and it ended up being everything we wanted, and more.

We are working with Caitlin this year for our larger ceremony and we couldn’t be more thrilled to continue to share our journey with her. She really listens, makes you tap into what is really important and most of all has very creative/refreshing ideas that neither myself or my partner would have ever thought of. Thank you for all your guidance thus far, Caitlin.”

Alannah + Jase

Full Heart Free Voice Podcast

A podcast where my co-host Emma Veritas and I read inspiring books, one chapter at a time.

Our current read is “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

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