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I have two life coaching paths that I can walk you down, whether you're drawn to one over the other or aren't sure, during your initial free call we'll determine which 3-6 month coaching program is best for you!




 You're not where you'd thought you'd be in life "by now," you feel like something is missing but you aren't 100% sure what you want and are looking for clarity, tools and support to start creating the life you want...

You have a passion project you're ready to bring to life but you're struggling to get started and are looking for support, guidance and accountability to bring your idea(s) to fruition...

Not sure which program is right for you?

If you start in one program and we determine you’d benefit from aspects of the other, we will take a customized hybrid approach to fit your needs and goals.

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Style Coaching

Personal Styling that allows your authenticity to shine through. When paired with the internal work of life coaching this combo is like rocket fuel for your life! 

Currently serving clients in located in the Colorado Front Range areas. 

Getting married soon?

Your love story is one-of-a-kind. Your wedding should be too.

 I’m here to guide you through the planning process so you don’t end up feeling like you’re just going through the motions on your wedding day. 

Life Coaching Client stories

“I’m a writer with A LOT of passions. I’m currently working on a blog for magical women, writing a fantasy novel, and also a literary fiction novel for children, plus I have a few other projects on the side.

Caitlin is an amazing coach. She helps me figure out which of my projects to focus on when and how to balance all of this with living a happy and sane life. She helps me stay calm while also moving forward with my work.

I highly recommend working with Caitlin, especially when everything is feeling confusing and you’re not sure what to do next. She creates a safe space, where you get to talk about ALL THE THINGS in a judgement free zone.”

– Emma Veritas

“When I started working with her I felt scattered, unfocused, unsatisfied, and stagnant.  I had so many different ideas that lit me up and brought me new energy and direction, but they would quickly fizzle away to nothing when I sat down to work, leaving me feeling depleted and disappointed.  It was a cycle I had come to internalize as inevitable for me.  Flashes of excitement and inspiration that seemed to lead nowhere, and a steady trudging along in the familiar aspects of my work that hadn’t changed since I started the business five years prior.  No growth.  No new energy.  No new direction.

I signed up for coaching an in less than 3 months I no longer feel stuck or stagnant.  I am able to follow ideas and inspiration with ease, build momentum, and move through my life with excitement and joy.


Caitlin was able to help me see all the ways I was working against myself.  She helped me to examine and dismantle all the internal rules I had built for myself that were keeping me stuck and draining my energy.


She helped me to see how valuable it is for me to follow inspiration when it strikes, even if it means leaving the to-do list un-done, because following that thread of energy is how I am able to build momentum for myself.


Learning how to work WITH my natural rhythms instead of against them, and to ALLOW myself to change course when it felt right rather than rigidly holding to ‘the plan’ has made all the difference for me in my creative passions and pursuits.  I am finally creating the life I’ve been dreaming about for years.

Before working with Caitlin I felt as if I was trudging along the banks of a river, sinking into the mud, clamoring over fallen trees, and coming up against boulders I had to figure out how to climb.  But once I began coaching with her it was like I was able to hop into the river and float past all the obstacles with ease, enjoying the sun on my skin and the beauty of the forest as we went.”

– Mikah Jaschke

“It’s hard to put into words everything that working with Caitlin has done for me in the past year of my life. Caitlin has a gentle, patient and powerfully effective way with words, aura and energy.

Through my work with her she has mirrored many things I’ve searched for in myself for years.

I have gained an incredible amount of new and actually effective tools, which have helped me to check in with my body rather than buying into the chatter of my mind, tune in to see if something feels like an expansive truth or constricting untruth, and boundary work.

I don’t think the work ever ends but I can surely say choosing to work with Caitlin has yielded more positive outcomes for me at an accelerated pace than any personal transformation work I’ve ever done:

In this time I’ve let go of many old wounds, some of my deepest and darkest and made space for new things. I’ve learned how to choose myself again and again, I’ve chosen new avenues for myself like finally moving out of my moms house, traveling to places that felt like distant dreams, working up the courage to try new hobbies and sports, trusting myself enough to become open to new people and experiences. 

Most of all felt more settled into my own being, just as I am, for who I am, a multi-passionate individual with ease. And this is a gift, I will always hold dear. 

I am grateful beyond words for Caitlin’s program and podcast and work. How blessed and lucky are we to share this journey and make it better for each other in this way, from the bottom of my heart thank you for the work that you do Caitlin, I wouldn’t be where I am without your kind words and supportive energy. You are a bright light in this world and you remind me everyday to shine on!”

– Martyna Maciejewska

 I’ve known that I’ve wanted a change in my life for a while, the “career” path I chose just wasn’t serving me anymore.  But I woke up one morning this past September, realized I just couldn’t go on like this anymore, and called Caitlin immediately.  After our 1-on-1 consult call, I was almost floating with excitement, and wondering why I hadn’t made that call sooner. 

Caitlin helped me bust through walls I built for myself, challenge preconceived notions of what I thought life “should” look like, and pushed me to ACT on those turtle steps towards my DREAM.  No excuses, because what’s the BEST that could happen?  Thanks, Caitlin!”

– Samantha Boon

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