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We are the Soul Sisters’ Collective

The Hive: Soul Sisters’ Collective was formed to create a safe space for women of all circumstances to cultivate intention, healing & to activate our connection to ourselves and nature.


We offer monthly Women’s Circles in Fort Collins, CO. Each circle is focused around a different theme. Join our email list to find out upcoming events!


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Hey, Soul Sister! We are the “Founding Four” – Shelly, Jenny, caitlin & Jennifer.

We’re so glad you’re here!


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About your Guides

Shelly Bond

Shelly Bond

"The Healing Yogi"

Hello Lovely Soul Sisters, I’m Shelly, an inspired mama who thrives on creativity and nature. I AM grateful to be a part of this incredible collective of powerful women. Here we invite you to our Hive and into our hearts because all women need sisters’. I hold an innate calling to help women wake up and embrace love, breath, pain and life. It is time we rise together with authenticity, vulnerability and an openness to heal ourselves. As we heal ourselves we heal generations of women of the past, present and future.

My work as a Healer, Spiritual Leader and Yoga instructor will push you to expand your heart to heal, love and accept parts of yourself you never imagined possible. On this magical and imperfect journey my intention is to guide you towards awakening you.

I AM grateful for you. I love you.


Jenny Hay, CTNC

Jenny Hay, CTNC

Hello, My Beautiful Sisters! I Am in this space because I have always known that I was meant to be of service to women who want more for themselves and their lives. My passion and purpose was born from that place. 


As a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach I use a holistic approach and a foundation built upon 3 pillars; emotional wellness, physical wellness and spiritual wellness to guide and support women as they discover their true power.  I Am a Mommy to many, a wife, a sister, an artist, a friend but mostly I am a conduit of love and I am honored to be a part of The Hive, Soul Sisters Collective.


Caitlin Bosshart

Caitlin Bosshart

Life Coach + Wedding Coach + Yoga Teacher

Hello! I’m Caitlin, a life coach for multi-passionate women who crave an out-of-the-box life and are unwilling to settle for less than a life that lights them up, energizes them and fuels their passion. 

In true multi-passionate form, I’m also a wedding coach for couples who want to tie the knot their way, a yoga teacher, co-host of the Full Heart Free Voice Podcast, a wife, fur baby mama, artist, gardener and Colorado girl (among other things…wink). 

As a coach, I’m passionate about helping women see that there is nothing to “fix” about Who They Are as they untangle themselves from the beliefs that have kept them small and held them back. There is nothing like seeing a woman own who she really is, step into her fullest expression and begin to lead her life from her heart and not from her doubts and fears and then witnessing the massive ripple effect this has on her whole life and those around her. I feel deeply honored to be part of “The Hive” and part of your journey!


Jennifer Penfold Grogan

Jennifer Penfold Grogan

Jennifer is a Fort Collins native. She’s a graduate of Fort Collins High School and a 2000 graduate of the Colorado Institute Healing Arts. She also studied sports psychology at the University of Utah and has a commercial photography degree from the Colorado Institute of Art.

An outdoor enthusiast active in skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, rodeo and nature photography, Jennifer loves spending time in the Colorado high country with her family and 4 dogs.

She enjoys cooking, reading, writing and traveling in her down time.

Jennifer has been a practicing massage therapist for 26 years. She specializes in Neuromuscular, Myofascial, and Deep tissue therapy with an emphasis in sports and traumatic healing, as well as energy and Clair- sentient healing bodywork.

She recently completed a certificate program from Cornell University in the study of Medical Plants and has attended Equinox Center of Herbal Studies. She is an enthusiastic green witch who loves creating delicious and healing tinctures, honeys, salves, fragrances, candles, teas and other nutritious herbal remedies and potions.

She is passionate about life and enjoys sharing her gratitude and blessings with everyone she meets.

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Womens’ Circle Testimonials

How Soul Sisters describe their experience of The Collective:


Amazing, uplifting,  energizing, lovely
Peaceful, empowering, exciting
Releasing, nourishing
Healing, inspiring, fulfilling


I joined the circle just to see what it was going to be like and now I can’t wait until the next one. I met a small group of amazing women who each have their own story to tell. Different backgrounds, different stories, but all together on a spiritual and healing journey.

I loved every minute of the experience from the honey infusion to the yoga to the sound bath and the small group sharing. It was empowering and lovely. Everyone was so kind and supportive. I learned new things and met new people in similar situations all willing to help. It was a wonderful experience that I am grateful to have had. I would highly recommend joining these amazing women for a session. You will not regret it.

– Chelsey


“I joined the circle to connect with spiritual women and am always open to learning. It was a safe space to explore vulnerability and stay open to receiving support in many ways.”

– Workshop Participant

“Sitting in the grass in the shade surrounded by the most picturesque garden you’ve ever seen, I was blown away by how all the women around me shared such heart-felt, beautiful stories of themselves and what they were seeking in their lives. I had never met these women, yet immediately felt connected to them.

Everyone’s energy was delightful and kind, I felt healed by this entire experience. I laughed and cried and danced and rested and it was the perfect morning with the most lovely group.”  

– Women’s Circle Participant

Join us, soul sister

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