Kind words from a multi-passionate coaching client:

 I’ve known that I’ve wanted a change in my life for a while, the “career” path I chose just wasn’t serving me anymore.  But I woke up one morning this past September, realized I just couldn’t go on like this anymore, and called Caitlin immediately.  After our 1-on-1 consult call, I was almost floating with excitement, and wondering why I hadn’t made that call sooner.  Caitlin helped me bust through walls I built for myself, challenge preconceived notions of what I thought life “should” look like, and pushed me to ACT on those turtle steps towards my DREAM.  No excuses, because what’s the BEST that could happen?  Thanks, Cait!”


Samantha Welter, MS, ATC |Owner, Empower Performance Therapy | Owner, Train Empowered: endurance athlete lifestyle blog


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Instagram: @_trainempowered_


Kind words from a multi-passionate coaching client:

“When I started the coaching program I was in a stage of “I don’t knows” and couldn’t let myself find happiness in a sea of darkness. Now I am more confident in myself and I know who I am if I only just listen and look to the stars for alignment for me. I was able to be in my feelings for a while, which I tend to avoid,  but then was able to get out of my feelings safely and okay without going into darkness. I am happy in my own space, wherever that may be and taking things day by day.

I actually started two of my passion projects that I’ve been wanting to do for the past year including my podcast “Catch Flights Not Feelings”!! 

I feel amazing being a multi passionate person! I embrace it and I respect it most of all. Knowing that I can do many things at once and then when it no longer serves me, I can move on from it and on to the next thing. I’m accepting that it’s okay to have many ideas and to just go with the flow of things.”


Rica Molet

Host of the “Catch Flights Not Feelings” Podcast


Kind words from a multi-passionate coaching client:

"Working with Caitlin has changed my life. I’ll be open for business in a month (less than three months since starting coaching) and it really is to Caitlin’s credit. Her coaching skills in terms of getting me to understand myself and my unique process is SO invaluable.

Caitlin has gently but eloquently helped me to see where I was standing in my own way AND how to embrace my natural tendencies instead of working against them. She calls it “problem solving for my limiting beliefs” and man does that work. To be honest, I didn’t even believe that I had limiting beliefs when I first started working with her, HA! Now instead of wasting time by procrastinating over all the nonsense of why it wont work, Caitlin has shown me how to embrace my power and harness it to move things forward.

If you are considering working with Caitlin, please don’t wait! You have no idea what is right around the corner once you get out of your own way and Caitlin has the soft nudge to get you moving. Two meetings in with Caitlin, I made more progress on my business than I have in 5 years and I am having fun doing it. I am now in the weeds and because I know that I have more accountability meetings set up with Caitlin, I push through and get it done whereas my previous self would have taken the minor headaches as a sign to stop or turn around.

Ok thanks for listening , please don’t keep talking yourself out of your big ideas! Take yourself seriously and invest in life coaching with Caitlin, you will absolutely not regret it. 😉 "

Grace McClain

Owner of Hygge Habit, https://www.hyggehabit.com/

Kind words from wedding coaching clients:

“To sum it all up, we used Caitlin’s wedding coaching services because we were very clear about what we DIDN’T want for our wedding ceremony, but were still feeling very unclear about what we DID want. Neither of us wanted a traditional wedding, but we also didn’t know exactly what a non-traditional wedding would look like or include once we removed all of the aspects that didn’t fit us. Caitlin knows a lot about modern-day weddings and helped us brainstorm ideas for piecing together a ceremony that represented the type of people that we are. Most importantly, she learned about us as individuals and our story as a couple and came up with ideas- activities, logistics, rituals, and even just the feel and ambiance of the whole wedding day, that reflected us and our story. We talked with Caitlin very early in our engagement when the wedding was still far off, which helped us set the tone of our ceremony, reflect on it, and then more decisively build the logistics of our day knowing exactly what we wanted it to feel like. We would highly recommend Caitlin’s coaching, especially if you have an unclear vision of your wedding day, and the earlier in the process of wedding-planning, the better!”

– Callie & Alex 

Kind words from a multi-passionate coaching client:

“I simply cannot recommend working with Caitlin enough.  When I first started coaching with her I had two main goals: figure out what part of my herbal remedies business to focus my energy and attention on and begin teaching yoga. 

When it came to my business I felt scattered, unfocused, unsatisfied, and stagnant.  I had so many different ideas that lit me up and brought me new energy and direction, but they would quickly fizzle away to nothing when I sat down to work, leaving me feeling depleted and disappointed.  It was a cycle I had come to internalize as inevitable for me.  Flashes of excitement and inspiration that seemed to lead nowhere, and a steady trudging along in the familiar aspects of my work that hadn’t changed since I started the business five years prior.  No growth.  No new energy.  No new direction. 

And as for my second goal?  I was absolutely TERRIFIED to put myself out there and begin teaching yoga.  Petrified.  Unable to move forward and yet longing to do so with every ounce of my heart.  For MONTHS I had been trying to give myself deadlines (like reach out to the studio owner, create a flier, choose a time to offer a class, ect.) and for months I had been failing to meet a single one of them.  My mind was using all of this as ‘evidence’ to try to convince me that I clearly wasn’t ready to teach yoga.  After all, if it scared me so much then I clearly wasn’t ready to teach, right?  Wrong.  My heart knew, but trying to get the rest of me onboard was like slogging through mud.

I signed up for Caitlin’s program Full: A New State of Be(e)ing, a program designed for multi-passionate people.  I had never heard of this term before, but it resonated so deeply with me that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I worked with her for 4 months and at the end of it I was teaching yoga, had released several new products within my business, had discovered a deep love for sharing about herbs  and herbal remedies through writing online, and had doubled my sales of products.  And it hasn’t stopped there.

I completed the program with Caitlin less than three months ago and since then have added a second yoga class to my teaching schedule, have found two retail locations to sell my herbal remedies in, have started working with clients for individual herbal support, have a plan to release 8 more new products over the winter, and am seeking out a space in town from which to offer Reiki sessions.  But more importantly, I no longer feel stuck or stagnant.  I am able to follow ideas and inspiration with ease, build momentum, and move through my life with excitement and joy.

Caitlin was able to help me see all the ways I was working against myself.  She helped me to examine and dismantle all the internal rules I had built for myself that were keeping me stuck and draining my energy.  She helped me to see how valuable it is for me to follow inspiration when it strikes, even if it means leaving the to-do list un-done, because following that thread of energy is how I am able to build momentum for myself.

Learning how to work WITH my natural rhythms instead of against them, and to ALLOW myself to change course when it felt right rather than rigidly holding to ‘the plan’ has made all the difference for me in my creative passions and pursuits.  I am finally creating the life I’ve been dreaming about for years.  Before working with Caitlin I felt as if I was trudging along the banks of a river, sinking into the mud, clamoring over fallen trees, and coming up against boulders I had to figure out how to climb.  But once I began coaching with her it was like I was able to hop into the river and float past all the obstacles with ease, enjoying the sun on my skin and the beauty of the forest as we went. 


– Mikah Jaschke, Folk Herbalist, Herbal Remedies, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher 200RYT

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Kind words from wedding coaching clients:

“We began working with Caitlin in October of 2018 for our September 2019 wedding and it was the best decision we could have made in the planning process.

Having Caitlin on our side helped keep the focus on what mattered to us; getting married and making vows, ceremony and reception all our own. We wanted to put thought and meaning and intention into how we promised the rest of our lives to each other and I’m not sure we could have come up with something so ‘us’ without Caitlin.

Caitlin listened carefully, reflected our thoughts back to us and added her unique perspective in an invaluable manner. I honestly don’t know if we would have had the courage to go through with some of the more nontraditional aspects of our ceremony without her support, feedback and know-how.” 

– Laura & Cameron 

Kind words from a multi-passionate coaching client:

“I’m a writer with A LOT of passions. I’m currently working on a blog for magical women, writing a fantasy novel, and also a literary fiction novel for children, plus I have a few other projects on the side. Caitlin is an amazing coach. She helps me figure out which of my projects to focus on when and how to balance all of this with living a happy and sane life. She helps me stay calm while also moving forward with my work. I highly recommend working with Caitlin, especially when everything is feeling confusing and you’re not sure what to do next. She creates a safe space, where you get to talk about ALL THE THINGS in a judgement free zone.”

– Emma Veritas, Writer and Creator of The School of Wild Authenticity     

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Kind words from a multi-passionate coaching client:

“My first coaching session with Caitlin was over three years ago and from that very first session I still use and learn from the truths discovered that day. Caitlin’s ability in making one feel comfortable in uncomfortable conversations in unparalleled. She is so welcoming and will make you feel at ease right from the start. Whatever you may be working on internally or externally she is adept at helping you see things in a new perspective while letting you stay in control. As opposed to directing you, she stays right along side you while you talk together. Caitlin is incredibly professional and clearly well trained, she has a wide variety of tools and techniques at the ready and she explains herself and her process well so that you can take them with you and use them on your own time. She is an invaluable resource and support. I would recommend her for anybody!”

Cory Palencia,  Photographer, Videographer, Free Lance Writer

Kind words from a multi-passionate coaching client:

” I wasn’t really sure what a life coach was or what that person could do for me. All I knew is that I was at a pivotal time in my life; confused with many decisions that needed to be made about the present and the future while trying to get over the negative concerns of the past. Then I found Caitlin, a life coach.

We visited together a number of times by phone; sometimes her asking questions, sometimes me not having the answers. It all seemed somewhat confusing at times. But Caitlin’s reassurance and direction led me down a path which unbeknownst to me, was going to propel me forward into success. Step by step she guided me on new ways to think while dismissing the destructive thoughts and connecting with my inner self. All of a sudden it was like my cloudy day turned clear and the sun shone again.

Her words, exercises, ideas, and guidance put me into a light where my mind opened up and I was finally able to put the past behind and move into the present. More importantly, I could make plans for the future. I have benefited unbelievably by Caitlin’s unique approach to teaching, helping, and guiding. Her unique way of communicating has positioned me to make my own choices without second, third, and fourth guessing myself.

Caitlin Bosshart, a true professional in the field of life coaching. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be one of her clients.”

 – Lana, Photographer, Author

Kind words from a fellow coach:

“Speaking as an experienced professional coach myself and having read Martha Beck’s books over the years, the thing about  Caitlin is – she brings her work to life and makes it real. She will instill the confidence and trust in yourself to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make – to be who you were always meant to be.” 

 – Rachel Lane, ACC, CFP

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