Whether you’ve understood yourself to be a multi-passionate person for some time, or are identifying with this term for the first time, you have probably been struggling. 

Struggling to figure out why something deep inside you is so resistant to doing things like you are “supposed to”. You’ve been trying to understand why making decisions often feels agonizing regardless of how important or trivial the decision is at hand. You question why you have to make everything so complicated, why you can‘t just pick one thing, grow up, stop wanting to bounce around and commit to a more traditional, carved out path.

You find yourself conflicted by all the expectations and conventional wisdom about how to best live your life. Unsure of what else to do, you’ve gotten really good at talking yourself into “logical” choices, that inevitably, and frustratingly ended up feeling so wrong. That’s because fitting into the expectations and pressures of what your life “should” look like is painful. Yet you rationalize your choices and ignore these feelings until you feel numb, and worse-like you are losing your sense of self. You know something has to change.

That something is not, You.  

I have to be honest…even as I write this, I feel my old self-consciousness bubble up. Reminding me of my old belief, that this is all a bit dramatic or childish, but the deeper, stronger sense of truth within me soundly knows, it’s not at all and I want you to know that too.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting you make reckless choices, but I do recommend you re-examine what you’ve been taught about the right, “logical” way to live your life. I challenge you to consider that being anyone other than who you are and NOT living your life in a way that support you, is actually what is illogical. 

I want you to know a large reason you struggle with making decisions is because you’ve been waiting for the right path to present itself. You can’t stand the thought of making one more decision that doesn’t feel authentic, fulfilling or threatens to pigeon hole you into a certain type of life. This fear is keeping you stuck and unclear about what to do next; an all too familiar feeling, many of us multi-passionate people grapple with.  

The fact is, you are a different type of person, one with many interests and passions AND you want to live in a way that allows you the freedom to explore them all. It’s difficult to imagine the life you want when there is no specific example, or step-by-step manual to follow. The problem is, there is no one predetermined path already out there that perfectly suits you. As a multi-passionate person, you have to create it – which is all at once exciting, scary and vulnerable.

You may not be able to make huge sweeping changes all at once and in order to feel confident in your choices you first need to understand who you are as a multi-passionate person. Including what, in your current life, lights you up and drains you.

To help you get started, I’ve created a free tool the “How Full is Your Honeycomb” worksheet which will assist you in gaining meaningful insight into your overall sense of fullness in the major areas of your life. Once you have a clear understanding which areas of your life energize or stifle who you are, you can identify where it’s most important to start making manageable shifts towards the life you ultimately want to live.  

Download the worksheet for free on my website caitlinbosshart.com  just scroll down the home page until you see the hexagon that look like this:

With support, your fellow multi-passionate,


P.S. Poke around my site for helpful resources, and if you are interested in working together check out my “Work with Me” page, and schedule a complimentary Discovery Session here.  


Hello, I’m Caitlin Bosshart! Life coach for the multi-passionate at heart and wedding coach for couples planning non-traditional weddings! I believe that no one should settle for less than a life that lights them up, ignites their passions and allows them to be, their most vibrant authentic selves. 



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