We are infinitely more powerful than we realize.
It’s shocking the way life can throws something at us and all of the sudden we’ve forgotten, we are pushed off balance and the lie that we are powerless creeps in. The reality is, we are all are going to forget from time to time. That is part of life and is simply human, but how do we remember? How do we return to our center of power? It’s a practice and a dance and sometimes we have to ask for help (a lesson I myself, had to relearn recently). We must learn to be onto the lie, to see it for what it really is so the truth can shine through.
This quote cuts to the essence and art of coaching, to help someone discover and remember the power that has been inside them all along and helping them sift through the doubt and fear so they can truly embody it.
When someone own their power, though it may be subtle at first, everything shifts. Everything becomes so much clearer. Their intuition speaks loudly and it doesn’t occur to them to question it. They feel it in their body, as their inner strength manifests into form. They are steadfast and do not waver in what they believe and what they know even if it is beyond reason. The life they desire to live is no longer a fantasy but a deep soul felt need that is no longer treated as a silly dream. They stop lying to themselves, they stop accepting less than they deserve . . . and this is just the beginning.
“You’ve always had the Power, my Dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.”
– Glenda the Good Witch
I know because I’ve lived it. Because my own coaches push me to learn and remember and remind me to not forget my power. Because I’ve watched my clients work through their fears and doubts and I’ve seen them do things they never thought they could.
This is my heart and soul felt passion to help others see their own greatness and let that greatness seep into every area of their lives. This, is what gives my coaching practice purpose and meaning. This is what feeds and fuels me to do this work.


Hello, I’m Caitlin Bosshart! Life coach for the multi-passionate at heart and wedding coach for couples planning non-traditional weddings! I believe that no one should settle for less than a life that lights them up, ignites their passions and allows them to be, their most vibrant authentic selves. 

To learn more about how we can work together, visit: CaitlinBosshart.com

To schedule a free discovery session for multi-passionate coaching or wedding coaching, email me at LifeCoaching@caitlinbosshart.com ! 

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