Have you ever experienced “Impostor Syndrome”? You know, the feeling that there is no way you are good enough, knowledgeable or experienced enough to do this thing others are trusting you to do?

I’d be shocked if there is a person out there that hasn’t, at one time or another, felt like an impostor. I’d also venture to say that multi-passionate people, those with many varying interests, who often try out new things, including careers, experience this feeling more often than the average bear.

That’s because multi-passionate people chose over and over again to put themselves into positions of being a beginner. They do this once they’ve lost interest in a previous endeavor or hobby, having learned or experienced what they wanted (at least for the time being) and something else has snagged their curiosity. The choice to be a beginner again, and throw themselves into something new, stems from a deeply felt need, desire, boredom or all three. They crave the feeling, only novelty can provide.

Because of this desire to learn and try new things and people hire multi-passionate people to do things they don’t have much direct experience with because what they do have is a background of likely transferable skills and/or sheer enthusiasm. Multi-passionate folks find themselves taking on a project or even starting a business doing something they know in their gut they can do – WELL, possibly without any formal training, specific credentials, or years of experience. Enter the nagging impostor syndrome voice in their heads questioning, “but what of you can’t pull it off?“, drowning out the fact that other’s truly believe in their abilities (and will pay them for it).

Does this sound vaguely familiar? 😉

Dear multi-passionate friends. you’re not an impostor. You might be taking on something that, on the surface, seems new but in reality, you have lots of past experiences you can, and will readily apply to this new venture and you’re going to *rock it*. And even if you fall short at first, failure is not inherently bad. Instead, it’s an opportunity for growth, to learn and fill in any skills you’re missing so that by the 3rd, 4th or even 5th attempt, you will rock it, (or realize it’s not your jam and you can move on knowing you did your best). There is no shame in this.

The next time the feel a case of “Impostor Syndrome” coming on, I challenge you to think of at least *3* concrete, legitimate reasons why you are in fact qualified to do the thing you’ve set out to do. Sit with those reasons for a few moments and see if the feeling lessens any. If you still can’t shake the feeling, I can help. I support people like you to embrace who they are, own their unique strengths and abilities and harness their courage to offer them to the world. Learn more here.

Have you ever struggled with feeling like an impostor? How has this impacted you? Have you figured out a strategy for overcoming it? I’m love to hear from you comment below or email me at lifecoaching@caitlinbosshart.com!


Hello, I’m Caitlin Bosshart! Life coach for the multi-passionate at heart and wedding coach for couples planning non-traditional weddings! I believe that no one should settle for less than a life that lights them up, ignites their passions and allows them to be, their most vibrant authentic selves. 

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