“Boredom is the mind’s way of rejecting anything that lacks nutrients”

– Barbara Sher

For multi-passionate people, not knowing how to combating boredom is a legitimate barrier when it comes to actually finishing projects, which is why it is important to learn what your boredom is indicating: Is it time to move on or push through?


When it comes to boredom, here is an important distinction to keep in mind: It’s one thing to feel the need to move on from a project, career, or hobby that you’re simply done with, for multi-passionate people this is normal and 100% okay! However, if you’re struggling to stay engaged with a project that is important to you, one that  you actually want to stick with, (maybe it’s running a business, writing a book, learning an instrument you’ve *always* wanted to play,) then you’ve got to figure out ways to push past the boredom barrier.


When you find yourself battling boredom and struggling to finish  a project, try these tips:

Pair it: When you need to complete a uninteresting task related to an important project, motivate yourself by giving yourself permission to do something you’ve been dying to do, *once* you’ve completed task you’ve been resisting.

Ask yourself: “How could I approach this task differently? Could I make it more “me” somehow by incorporate something else I love to do into this task?”

Get someone else involved: Whether it’s asking them to help keep you accountable to your goal, or teaming up with someone who enjoys the task you’re dreading. Whether you have to pay, trade or ask a favor, trust me, it will be worth it in the end! If this resonates with you, I bet you’ll have move fun and be surprised by the added boost of motivation!

Keep track of your progress: When you’re staring down the tunnel of what feels like an unending task, it can helpful to break the task into smaller pieces and actually track your progress along the way. Each small milestone will visually get marked off, reminding you the end is in sight and motivate you to keep going.

Set a timer: Decide on a tolerable amount of time to get some work done on a task. Set a timer for let’s say, 25 minutes and make a game out of seeing how much you can get done in that amount of time. When the timer goes off, you can decide if you get to be done with that task for the day, or take a break to do something that feels like a treat.

Change up your environment: If you’re working from home or office, trying working form a different space, go outside or better yet leave your house/office altogether if you’re able. If you can’t leave your office, try turning on a diffuser, moving artwork around, changing your lighting and so on. Changing your scenery actually triggers new neuro-pathways in your brain which results in more creative and novel idea generation and aids in problem solving…which leads into my next trick:

Move your body: If you’re mentally stuck, get out of your chair and move around. Go for a walk, do some yoga, (in particular, try bending over or downward dog if you can to get your head below your heart, which has an amazing way of shifting one’s perspective,) even jumping around or putting on a favorite song and dance. It sounds silly but it works similarly to the tip above!

Find out what motivates you: Take this free quiz, “The Four Tendencies” created by Gretchen Rubin. Are you and Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel?

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Finally, if you’re still struggling to figure it out on your own, reach out for help! I work with multi-passionate people just like you, helping them work with their natural tendencies, overcome boredom barriers (or give themselves to permission to move on from something that no longer serves them,) in order to create the life the want to live and accomplish the goals they’ve always dreamed of.

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